In-Studio Sports

Studio Session Pricing

In Studio sessions start at $95 per athlete. Its not just a studio session, its an experience. Why wait until college or high school for amazing sports portraits with smoke, lights and more.

Game Day Photos

Game Day Photo Pricing

Option 1

$350 per game

Upfront payment collected by team mom/manager

All photos taken will be uploaded into an online gallery for immediate download

No guarantee on image count per player

Option 2

$65 per player

Minimum of 4 players/Max of 6 players

Guarantee of 5+ images accessed through an online gallery

Team Picture Day

Composite or Traditional

Your team has a choice to go with composite imaging or traditional. The advantage of composite imaging is that once an individual photo is taken, they don't need to stick around for the team photo. All images are put together or composited into the final edit. Pre-orders are completed using a Google form with paper forms available on picture day as well.